Alexandra Velichko
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Alexandra Velichko

«My paintings guide you to the magnificent world of water. You can imagine how it is to live next to the ocean even if you don’t ». Alexandra Velichko

Alexandra Velichko is an oil painter. Her works are mostly focused on water in its different shapes. Raging ocean, deep blue sea or relaxing river views are the heroes of her paintings.

She lives in Kyiv on a bank of the main river of Ukraine - Dnipro. To the question: “From where do you get your inspiration?”, she always confidently responds: “From nature.” That’s why her daily ritual is a walk along the river.

Her love for the water started many years ago after her first diving experience. Underwater life deeply impressed her. Later on, sailing came barging into her life and she could not resist anymore. Water horizons, sunsets, sunrises, clouds became her endless inspiration. She dedicated her life to a recreation of those beauties on her canvas.

Represented by the Water Street Gallery, US